Long Lasting Makeup on Dry Faces with Rabbit Habit Cushion Foundation

The problem that is often faced by people with dry facial skin is, make it easier to crack makeup so it looks cracked and even peeling. After touch up, this problem will continue to occur if it is not accompanied by appropriate ways to keep makeup on.


Use moisturizing products

Use liquid-based makeup
Perform facial exfoliation routinely
Use a sponge or puff when applying foundation

The application of foundation is now more practical with a cushion. Rabbit Habit comes with a 2-in-1 Cushion Foundation (SPF50 + / PA +++) and Luminous Concealer Compact that contains (fill in the product content and benefits). And very practical to use. 

With these tips, makeup is guaranteed to be long-lasting and anti-crack all day!

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in Chinese folklore, rabbit often portrayed as a companion of the moon goddess. Pounding medicine for the mortals.

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Face Coesmetic 1

2 x Rp.180.000

Face Coesmetic 2

2 x Rp.220.000

Face Coesmetic 3

2 x Rp.800.000

Subtotal: Rp.2.000.000